Film Centre_DIT


The building consists of three distinct volumes. The first is a kinked-linear element on ground level which acts as an extension of the street, becoming a cultural route-way through a city block. It contains seating areas, a ticket/information booth, and a cafe bar which opens out onto the street. This linear volume also defines two new squares; a private cultural courtyard, shared between the existing theater and the new film centre, and a public terrace opening out onto the new thoroughfare. The second volume is a rectangular form on first and second floor levels. This volume houses the center’s archives and one of the two cinema screens. It has a strong presence from the main street, emerging at an angle creating a welcoming entrance. The third volume is located on the opposite side of the city block, and contains the second cinema screen. This volume is more restrained in it’s placement and is designed to re-stitch the broken, post-war urban fabric. It creates a strong visual link in it’s materiality with the new Philharmonic which reinforces the idea of the cultural route through the city. The facade is constructed of a clear white polycarbonate which is opaque during the day, allowing inhabitants inside the building to observe the shifting sunlight and shadows. At night the facade is lit from within and the building becomes a cultural beacon.

1:100 Site Model


Site Strategy


Ground Floor Plan


First Floor Plan


Urban Infill


Model Cutaway


Cultural Beacon


Structural Cores


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