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Swissnex 1‘A New Vision for Isenau’

The new vision for Isenau began from an in-depth analysis of the Swiss mountain village of Les Diablerets. The project attempts to resolve the immediate infrastructural problems while also addressing the ongoing discussion of climate change and the future of snow. The plinth acts as a new geography, precisely directing ski, pedestrian and vehicular circulation on site, while the bridge completes the end of Isenau ski slope and forms a covered entrance into the youth hostel below. The open multi-use plinths provide space for ski circulation in the winter and local food and wine markets in the summer, ensuring the site has life in all four seasons.

Review 1Site Model ReducedBridge Section Model ReducedSki Lift Section Model ReducedBridge ReducedBridge Section Model 2 ReducedSectionCirculation Diagram 2Site PlanNight Render

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