Eco Villages 2014

Our class trip to Les Diablerets, Switzerland, with Professor Toshiko Mori in February 2014, made possible by Eco.Villages and the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

A Comet Lands In Brooklyn


I’ve recently been working on this installation in Brooklyn Bridge Park for the World Science Festival with StduioKCA and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. A great experience!!

The installation is to celebrate the European Space agency’s Rosetta Mission in which the Rosetta orbiter will launch a drone about the size of a washing machine onto the surface of comet 67P to collect data. post -

Apres Ski

Swissnex 1‘A New Vision for Isenau’

The new vision for Isenau began from an in-depth analysis of the Swiss mountain village of Les Diablerets. The project attempts to resolve the immediate infrastructural problems while also addressing the ongoing discussion of climate change and the future of snow. The plinth acts as a new geography, precisely directing ski, pedestrian and vehicular circulation on site, while the bridge completes the end of Isenau ski slope and forms a covered entrance into the youth hostel below. The open multi-use plinths provide space for ski circulation in the winter and local food and wine markets in the summer, ensuring the site has life in all four seasons.

Review 1Site Model ReducedBridge Section Model ReducedSki Lift Section Model ReducedBridge ReducedBridge Section Model 2 ReducedSectionCirculation Diagram 2Site PlanNight Render

Pressure Sensitive Dynamic Gridshell

Pressure Sensitive Dynamic Gridshell from Conor Coghlan on Vimeo.

30 Minute Typography Challenge


Each group of two was given thirty minutes to redesign the ‘Poland Spring’ label as if it were a “high-end” brand of water. We were allowed rearrange and subtract elements from the label but not add anything to it. This is our proposal.

Design Survivor class blog:

tumblr_inline_n1yylsmDiW1rny6fmPOLAND SPRING LOGO

Existing logo:


3D Printed Watch


A 3D printed watch I designed and printed as part of ‘Design Survivor’ – a biweekly class at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The watch housing is designed to be clipped on to a wearer’s bag strap. The large scrolling display allows the watch to viewed from a distance.

Design Survivor class blog:

Watch 1Watch 2Watch 3Watch 4

10 hours in 30 Seconds

Swiss Alps Site Model from Conor Coghlan on Vimeo.

My 2013 in 30 Seconds

Gridshell Skin – Panel Study

Double Shell Enclosure